Aro Timo

Julkinen valta ja maassamuuttoa edistävät ja rajoittavat tekijät Suomessa 1880-luvulta 2000-luvulle

Government officials and the factors that facilitate and restrict internal migration in Finland from 1880 to 2000.


English summary

Migration, internal migration, moving and mobility are general concepts familiar to everyone. The contemplation on causes and effects behind moving has remained as a theme of social discussions from 1880 to 2000. The population has always moved from one place to another due to work, livehood, residential well-being, studying and other reasons. The senate, the church, the state and the EU have in different eras strived to influence moving. With varying success, moving has both been encumbered and promoted. This research covers the development of internal migration in Finland from 1880 to 2000 by constituting four historical turning points of internal migration. The goal of this study is to describe internal migration as a historical and a sociological phenomenon. The central question is, to what extent governments officials can with its operations advance or restrict moving. The regional allocations of the moves are examined by following the arrival and departure flows between the provinces. The changes in the regions are examined mainly through demographic statistics.